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We strive to help our environment thrive. We use technology in the best possible way to upgrade human lifestyle.

Balancing personal and social responsibilities simultaneously is a tedious task in the modern day world. Our motto behind every endeavour is to collectively bear our social responsibilities to maintain a healthy eco-system and pave a clear path for sustainable development.

Technology is on the verge of rejuvenation and reinvention in multiple ways, with every passing day. It is the father of urbanization and the mother of all crucial inventions which have the potential to save our future. Moulding technology’s greatest gifts into efficient tools helping mankind progress to a better future is our goal. Our developmental and digital marketing solutions are tailored to help you reach out a wider audience and make technology affordable, accessible and applicable in different fields of daily life.

Urbanization, on the other hand, has its pitfalls as well. Industrialization of major cities has led to an increase in pollution, greenhouse gases and consequently, the carbon footprint. If not controlled, human life might as well be on the verge of extinction. One needs to pull the bars and balance the calamities by increasing opportunities for saving our environment.

Our Mission

Every individual has a right to health, hygiene and happiness. We want to make it a reality where man can breathe clean air, have access to basic amenities and have an increased and improved life expectancy.

Our Vision

We aspire to bring India on the global map when it comes to technological advancement and sustainable development.

Our Approach

No feat can be achieved at once. It is the little steps that count and cumulate to give big results. This is what we at Tapas, swear by. Our programs are meant to connect with people and places across the country, one area at a time. We infuse technology with our ideas to obtain optimum results.



Quad-DeSmog is an alternate option of a tree, which is filtering the polluted gases in three stages and releasing clean air into the environment.

This machine releases up to 85000 cubic meter clean air per hour. It means

• 85 Lac liter per hour
• 10 Crore liter per day

An air filter to reduce smog, curb pollution, increase lifespan & improve sustainability.

Rainwater harvesting means capturing the rain where it falls or capturing the runoff and taking measures to store that water and keep it clean.

Rainwater harvesting can be undertaken through a variety of ways:

• Capturing run-off from roof tops
• Capturing run-off from local catchments
• Capturing seasonal floodwater from local streams
• Conserving water through watershed management

The collection, transportation, and disposal of garbage, sewage, and other waste products. Waste management encompasses management of all processes and resources for proper handling of waste materials, from maintenance of waste transport trucks and dumping facilities to compliance with health codes and environmental regulations.


Based on the Client requirement we proposed them a Customized solution which suit their requirement. We bring different kind of technologies together to provide a required customized solution for our client.

Gram_Uday Tapas

Gram Uday: An initiative to reach out to the different sectors of rural India to provide basic amenities and improve lifestyles of the inhabitants. We aim to work with different governing bodies and councils in smaller towns and villages like Nagar Nigam, Nagar Panchayat & Gram Panchayat.

Go Green Tapas

Go Green: There is an alarming rate of increasing greenhouse gases which pose constant threats to global warming which, going by this, is not very distant. This needs our immediate attention. Go Green is our initiative to plant as many trees as possible, in as many places as possible.

Sankalp Tapas

Sankalp: Our program on awareness aims to preach and possible make people practice the importance of a sustainable planet. In order to act to it, one must know the importance of clean and sustainable surroundings.

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  • Tree Plantation & Maintance
  • Forest Resoration
  • Grass Seeding
  • Foto


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